My Journey


My name is Tamika, a Muslimah from Detroit, Michigan now living in Wisconsin. My journey in soap making started after having a severe reaction to store-brand soaps and lotions. That experience has now led to over 15 years of research on how to make natural chemical-free soaps and lotions. 

After conducting many years of research and studies , I decided to start making my own lotions and soaps for my family and friends and, after receiving great reviews, my husband and I decided to get into the soap industry.

The reason for getting into the soap industry is to make natural soaps and body lotions in other ways to help everyone enjoy the natural holistic healing of non-chemical products. Our herbal and natural skin care products clean the skin.

You may be wondering what Tamika's Shifa is? Tamika means “beautiful child” in Japanese, “sweet” in Swahili and “flower of the rising sun”, And Shifa in Arabic language means "Healing". Tamika's Shifa journey is to serve humanity with the intention of promoting the use of non-toxic products to those seeking the right herbal and natural skin care products.


We use all natural, hand-crafted, Halal Products.